An asset-backed crypto token is a cryptocurrency token that is backed by a real asset, such as real estate, commodities, or in this, the revenue of an iGaming portal. If 1% of the revenue is added to the token, it means that the token has a certain value that is directly linked to the success of the iGaming portal.

An advantage of such a token is that it offers high transparency and trustworthiness. Since the value of the token is directly linked to the asset that supports the token, investors can easily track the token price and estimate the value of their investment more easily. They can expect the token price to grow with the success of the iGaming portal and can manage their investment on that basis.

Another advantage is the liquidity of the asset-backed crypto token. When the token is traded on a blockchain platform, it can be easily bought or sold, and the price of the token can quickly adjust to the market. This can be especially beneficial for investors who want to react quickly to changes.

Finally, asset-backed crypto tokens can also offer greater security. Since the token is backed by a real asset, the risk of price volatility is reduced because the value of the asset does not fluctuate as quickly as the value of cryptocurrencies that are not backed by a real asset.

In summary, an asset-backed crypto token backed by the revenue of an iGaming portal provides greater transparency, liquidity, and security for investors. The token price will be directly linked to the success of the portal and is therefore expected to grow.

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