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doublejack Token FAQ

Will there be a yearly Dividend on top of the asset backing?2023-03-17T12:37:44+00:00

Yes, for instance, all our calculated revenue for any business that we are talking to is based only on lottery revenue (not casino or the upcoming Sportsbook that is on the shelve already, which generates much more revenue, like x10.20) and also only for the first conversion level of their direct customers, and not deeper levels that will come on quickly.

This means we should be overachieving on every single promise that the sales team makes to each customer, measured, and monitored by the Customer Success Team.

So, whenever we go above 100% of the initially projected revenue per customer (of which 1% goes into the token value raise already) we can easily give a dividend on top of the token.

Is the asset insured?2023-03-17T11:22:58+00:00


Is the asset audited?2023-03-17T11:21:57+00:00

Yes, it is audited.

Is there an independent board managing and growing the asset?2023-03-17T11:56:32+00:00

We do have independent auditing on the asset including a large advisory team from diversified fields to stay abreast with keeping on the growth projections of the asset.

How are decisions made about the underlying asset(s) and the Token itself?2023-03-17T11:17:03+00:00

By the Executive team and the trusted advisors. It has the potential to be invested into funds for compounding the growth of the asset.

Are there any economic situations, upcoming events or market trends that could affect its value?2023-03-17T11:51:44+00:00

It’s worth noting that the value of doublejack’s token may be affected by a range of economic situations, upcoming events, and market trends. One important factor to consider is the growing regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and related products.

With crypto regulation coming into effect worldwide, it’s essential for crypto firms and token issuers to be fully compliant and regulated. That’s why doublejack has taken proactive steps to ensure that it is positioned for success in this rapidly-evolving landscape.

One of the key ways in which doublejack is preparing for regulatory changes is through its partnership with Pronexus, an authorized financial services provider (FSP 51616) registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Pronexus helps to ensure that doublejack’s token is managed in compliance with best practices and regulatory requirements, including those related to crypto-specific regulations.

By partnering with Pronexus, doublejack is able to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing regulatory and market conditions as they emerge. This helps to mitigate potential risks and ensures the long-term value of the token for its customers, regardless of any economic or regulatory changes that may arise.

What are the tax implications of the asset?2023-03-17T11:32:33+00:00

Tax implications according to what the investment is and where the investment has taken place.

Are there any restrictions that the asset may face if it is investable (where it can invest, who, what it can invest in, what percentages can be invested per sector, liquidity, etc.)?2023-03-17T11:31:57+00:00

There is a vesting period that locks the asset holders in for a period of 24 months. This allows the organization to grow and develop solutions and services according to the roadmap defined in the Whitepaper. We may decrease the vesting period to 12 – 18 months should we meet our targets earlier.

If the asset is investable, what are the fees associated with buying, holding, and selling?2023-03-17T11:31:17+00:00

The doublejack token was minted on the Stellar blockchain, and all fees associated with the token are covered by the token sale.

This means that there are no fees for holding the token. When it comes to selling the token in the future, there may be a small swap fee to cover the blockchain network fee for the token swap. The current network fee for Stellar is 0.00001 XLM (Stellar Lumens), which is equivalent to about $0.0000025 USD at the time of writing. This fee is used to compensate the network validators who process the transaction.

What are the fees and costs to manage the asset?2023-03-17T11:29:55+00:00

Pronexus provides expert treasury management services for doublejack’s token, ensuring that the asset is managed in a secure, efficient, and profitable manner. To achieve this, Pronexus will hold the funds in various custodial banks, spreading the risk and generating annual interest rates ranging from 5% to 9% depending on the amount, bank, and term.

Pronexus charges a percentage-based fee for its services, which is included in the interest amount and covered by the banks. This means that customers are not subject to any additional fees or costs beyond what is disclosed upfront, ensuring a transparent and efficient fee structure.

By working with Pronexus, doublejack is able to benefit from expert treasury management services that generate reasonable returns while minimizing risks and fees. Pronexus’ track record of success in this area provides confidence and peace of mind to customers, knowing that their assets are being managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Will the asset at some point generate a dividend for the Token holders?2023-03-17T11:26:56+00:00


What is the potential for price appreciation or depreciation of the asset itself?2023-03-17T11:26:00+00:00

Since the asset is backed by the revenue of the organization the value is affected by the growth of the organization.

What are the potential risks associated with the underlying asset, and how are these risks mitigated?2023-03-17T12:35:56+00:00
  1. Market risk: This is the risk that changes in market conditions, such as interest rates or exchange rates, will negatively impact investments or business operations. We must manage our market risk by diversifying our portfolios and hedging our positions. Our focus on overcoming the Risk is we can mitigate market risk by diversifying our investment portfolios, hedging our positions, and monitoring market conditions closely. We can also use stress testing and scenario analysis to evaluate the potential impact of adverse market events on our portfolios.

  2. Liquidity risk: This is the risk that we will not have enough cash or liquid assets to meet its financial obligations. Doublejack must manage our liquidity risk by maintaining sufficient reserves and access to funding sources. Doublejack can mitigate liquidity risk by maintaining sufficient levels of cash and liquid assets, establishing access to emergency funding sources, and conducting regular stress testing to evaluate their ability to meet short-term obligations.

  3. Operational risk: This is the risk that a Doublejack will experience losses due to internal processes, systems, or human error. Doublejack must manage our operational risk by implementing effective internal controls, conducting regular audits, and providing staff training. Doublejack can mitigate operational risk by implementing effective internal controls, conducting regular audits, and providing staff training. Banks can also invest in technology to automate processes and reduce the risk of human error.

  4. Compliance risk: This is the risk that a Doublejack will violate laws, regulations, or industry standards, which can result in fines, legal action, or damage to our reputation. We need to manage our compliance risk by staying up-to-date on regulatory changes and implementing robust compliance programs. Doublejack can mitigate compliance risk by staying up-to-date on regulatory changes, implementing robust compliance programs, and conducting regular compliance audits. We also have established clear policies and procedures for complying with regulations and industry standards With our extern asset management partners.

  5. Reputational risk: This is the risk that negative publicity or public perception will harm Doublejacks reputation and its ability to attract and retain customers. Doublejack must manage our reputational risk by promoting transparency, ethical behavior, and good governance practices. We will also have established clear communication channels with customers and stakeholders to address concerns and respond to negative publicity promptly.
How frequent does the audit occur?2023-03-17T11:22:30+00:00

Every 30 days an independent audit occurs for the token.

How often does the asset accumulate and is allocated towards backing the Token?2023-03-07T11:09:04+00:00

At the end of each calendar month.

How is it determined who the organization is that manages the asset?2023-03-17T11:18:43+00:00

Through expertise in ISO20022 Blockchain Asset Issuance, Treasury Management Services, and Crypto Custodial Services. Pronexus specialize in ISO20022 Blockchain Asset Issuance and Management.

Is there an independent organization dedicated to the asset management?2023-03-17T11:18:12+00:00

Yes, Pronexus Treasury is the Custodian and Treasury management service provider and also a licensed Financial Services Provider in accordance with the Financial Services Conduct Authority. Pronexus is also a CASP (Crypto Asset Service Provider) in the Republic of South Africa.

What is the governance structure for the Token?2023-03-17T12:30:45+00:00

The governance structure of doublejack tokens is designed to be decentralized and community-driven, with a focus on transparency and openness.

How is the asset’s value determined and verified over time?2023-03-17T11:15:21+00:00

It is audited by independent auditors.

How is the asset ownership verified and recorded on the blockchain?2023-03-17T12:30:24+00:00

To ensure compliance with international banking standards, the holding account for doublejack’s asset backing their token is verified independently by a third party. This verification process is conducted in accordance with the ISO 20022 guidelines for international banking, which require compliance by 2025.

Since doublejack’s token is minted on the Stellar network, which also adheres to ISO 20022 standards, the verification process helps to ensure that the token and its underlying asset meet international banking regulations. This further enhances the transparency and security of the token for investors and other stakeholders.

Overall, the use of independent verification and compliance with international banking standards demonstrates doublejack’s commitment to maintaining a high level of transparency and compliance with regulations.

Define the asset that backs the Token?2023-03-17T12:28:23+00:00

Tokens are digital assets that typically represent some form of value, and are often backed by tangible or intangible assets to provide security and stability for token holders. doublejack’s token is backed by a percentage of the company’s total revenue earned each calendar month. This revenue is derived from various sources, such as their 360-gaming platform, token sales, and future projects undertaken by doublejack.

More specifically, the asset price of doublejack’s token is determined by 1% of their total monthly revenue. As the company’s revenue streams grow, the value of the asset backing the token also increases, which may result in a higher token price.

It is important to note that the value of the asset backing the token may fluctuate based on market conditions and doublejack’s revenue performance. Nonetheless, the backing of a tangible asset provides a level of stability and security for investors interested in cryptocurrency.

Do I earn my commission even if the buyer is not an affiliate user?2023-03-14T14:18:53+00:00

Yes, you do so.

If user purchases Token through the affiliate link, you will get your commission of 8% on first level.
It is not needed that the buyer is active affiliate user.

If user signs up with your link and buys, you will earn the amount!

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