The first 100% Gold backed plus real asset backed iGaming doublejack (DJCK) digital money for real time cross border settlements.

doublejack djck token

Introducing the world’s leading 100% Gold plus asset-backed iGaming doublejack (DJCK) digital money, that was designed to shake up the world of online gaming.
With a limited supply and on track to go above and beyond, our unicorn company is inviting you to join us on our journey towards success in 190 countries. As a DJCK token holder, you’ll be part of the house, where the odds are always in your favor.
Get ready to explore a whole new world of possibilities with this exciting new venture towards becoming the leading Fintech app.

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The house always wins. Now you’re part of the house.

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The amount of invested $ 100,000 may increase to $ 4,488,166 after 5 years.
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