doublejack, an iGaming platform powered by blockchain technology, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Orbiko Solutions, a pioneer in the field of tokenizing physical assets. This collaboration will add substantial value to the doublejack community and bring significant opportunities for both companies.

doublejack is redefining the iGaming industry with its unique token, DJCK, which is backed by the enduring value of gold and a share of the platform’s total revenue. Through its partnership with Orbiko Solutions, doublejack is able to enhance the intrinsic value of DJCK by linking it to Orbiko’s Gold Token (OSGT), a stablecoin backed by one gram of pure gold.

Orbiko Solutions is a cutting-edge firm that specializes in tokenizing physical assets, and its first product, OSGT, provides individuals with an affordable and accessible means of investing in the gold market. OSGT stablecoins are minted on the Stellar ISO 20022 Certified Blockchain, ensuring top-notch regulatory compliance, complete transparency, and robust security.

doublejack’s partnership with Orbiko Solutions not only offers DJCK token holders the advantage of a stablecoin linked to physical gold but also solidifies the company’s position in the token economy. With this strategic alliance, doublejack continues to pioneer the iGaming space, providing its users with a unique opportunity to invest in digital assets that are both innovative and intrinsically valuable.

The OSGT backing provides DJCK holders with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of gold investment. This innovative approach of combining the traditional value of gold with blockchain’s innovation, speed, and safety is the first of many steps doublejack is taking to revolutionize the iGaming industry.

doublejack and Orbiko Solutions are both excited about the possibilities that this partnership will bring. The combination of iGaming and digital asset tokenization is the start of a new era in the blockchain industry.

About doublejack:

doublejack is a game-changer in the world of iGaming and token economics. Its unique token, DJCK, is backed by both the enduring value of gold, through OSGT, and a share of doublejack’s total revenue. doublejack’s mission is to pave the way for a new era in the digital currency and iGaming industries, by providing token holders an exceptional level of security and tangible value.

About Orbiko Solutions:

Orbiko Solutions is at the forefront of blockchain technology, offering state-of-the-art solutions that are reshaping the landscape of digital transactions. Their first product, OSGT, is a stablecoin backed by physical gold, providing an affordable and accessible entry point into the gold market. Orbiko is dedicated to merging traditional values like gold with the innovation, speed, and safety of the blockchain industry, setting new standards in the world of tokenization.


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doublejack announces strategic Partnership with Orbiko Solutions